Dahmer series on Netflix

Whats that shit floating in my drink?

Just soap or something, drink it.



Last night I got “caught” watching Dahmer. Gay ass scene, fucking hilariously embarrassing. Im still uncomfortable.


Pee Wee Gaskins would be a great subject for a series


We are halfway in and so far it’s really good, but I’d like to see them do some of these shows for lesser known killers.

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Phew…thank God I continued reading…first sentence made me think you were taking it up the shitter after getting excited by the show…

You will always find what you’re looking for

If you’re looking for racism or prejudice, you will find it

If you’re looking to be entertained, you will find entertainment.

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It’s not that exciting!

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Likely won’t happen but if interested there is a series Mind of a Monster where they have Green River Killer, Butcher Baker, The Grim Sleeper, The Happy Face Killer, as well as Bundy and Dahmer.

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So much this. I mean i get looking out for woke crap in shit like the new lotr and game of thrones shows, but why do some of you enjoy breaking everything down to the point where it’s no longer entertaining for you?


To be clear, I enjoyed the series. So much so that I looked up the actual story to see if the series lined up with what really happened. There were, however, a number of scenes and instances of dialogue that just seemed out of place.


Indeed, but that won’t happen. He’s way down the list of well known serial killers. They would have to sanitize his murders (and other shit he did) to a ridiculous degree to even make a ‘Mature’ rating. Also, there’s so much of his story/murders that they don’t know whether or not is true.

It would be badass though.


They literally can’t help themselves. Sometimes it’s blatant and sometimes it’s subliminal, but if it’s been made within the last few years it’s pretty much always there.


I don’t think I’ve read about him…but damn, if they have to sanitise it after the drugging, killing and eating homos in Dhamer…the. DAMN.

Going to watch some YouTubes tonight!


Norm Macdonald GIF


That’s part of what makes him fascinating to me. When I read his auto biography, I was doing security work and sitting in an office of a foreclosed building to ensure that the previous tenants didn’t return to try to lift anything, working grave shift.
I read the book in one sitting, through the night, all alone in that silent building.

It was horrifying and fascinating. The idea that we do t know how much of it was true, how much of was his fantasy, and how much of was him trying to fuck with the world even knowing he’s be dead when it was released, only adds to the horror,at least to me

Had to look up the actor, but William Sanderson could play him perfectly

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Yeah, I read the book too. Horrifying shit. I sold the book but I should have kept it…it’s pretty rare.

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His wiki has enough disturbing shit but it’s tame compared to what’s in his autobiography.


" Gaskins’s early life was characterized by a great deal of neglect from his mother…His mother apparently took so little interest in him that the first time he learned his given name—Donald—was when it was read out in his first court appearance."