daily driver vs. exotic question

Why are exotics not considered good daily drivers? What keeps them from being one? You'd think paying all that money, you should be able to put 100,000+ miles on it.

old lambo's run like crap and are head aches. I see daily driver ferrari's EVERY day around here,even old ferrari's. But NEVER any older Lambo's. Shit my dsm is a pain to get into every day I could imagine an elise or lambo and such.

what about an nsx as a daily driver?

what is the definition/ factors of an exotic?  price?  availability?  how much pussy you get while driving it around?  Just wondering.

I agree with White347LX, a 1/4 in the 11's and a 185+ top end. A 'Ring time in the 7:50's or below doesn't hurt either.

From a historical perspective, is it safe to consider the NSX one of the greatest/most influential cars of all time?

Nope.......it was beaten by it's rivals when it was new.

Also, the Lambo isn't really a "quick car". I've rode in 2 Diablos and wasn't really impressed by how the power felt. It does have really long legs though.

The car was more of an engineering tour de force for honda.

It was a great car but it kind of existed between classes in an area in which there really weren't any competitors so they had to compete with the 300zxtt and supra tt for the hearts of american drivers.

The TypeR version of the NSX ran around the ring very fast. It put up one of the top 10 fastest times of any production car and it was raining the day it made the run so I would say it's a pretty damn fine car. Besides that your grandmother could drive it around town and swear it was an Accord.

If it had another 100hp it would've been the bomb.

ooh Handles like on rails and runs like an accord. great car.

Back to the question at hand...exotics often borrow from race technology and race technology often trade longevity for performance and utilizes hardware that is optimal only under a very narrow range of conditions.

So things like tire wear, brake operating temp, ride comfort, road obstacle clearance, NVH, alignmet, etc are often slanted way more towards performance than daily driving. A perfect example would be a vehicle wearing 265 width perf tires in the front and 305's out back with 0 toe setting and some decent camber front and rear. This set-up will grip like mad, turn in sharply and hug in the corner..but on a long highway trip it will want to follow road grooves and crown and require about 4x as much input as Camry just to keep it pointed straight.

The Countach was the height of cool looking powerful exotics that were unbearably noisy, brutally hot, completely lacking in visability and unreliable.

(ok maybe the fact that the muira had a gas tank upfront and couldn't turn well when it got low is worse...)

Modern exotics always seem to raise the bar in terms of daily drivablity, but even a Enzo with it height adjustable suspension wouldn't be the easiest way to go pick up a loaf of bread.

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