Daily Mat fees and gym fees ?

I would like to know what are the daily mat fees or gym fees are charged for visiting students or fighters from other gyms when they are a class/workout plus the gym is equipped with bags, boxing ring, weights, lockers, showers, tanning,spa, and more. What are the standard rates in the USA. Also, what are the standard weekly and monthly rates around the USA for the mediocre training camps to the Class A camps with full lodging and kitchen facilities?

super gym is only 20.00 a month...unlimited


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Well there goes my training plan for the us...


no more than $10.


come on Elvis...

10-15 is fair. 20 smells of Rorion.

Well, if there is tanning I think you can set your own price. Hell, if the showers are public, and there are tanning beds, and Elivs and/or the pitmaster will be there to help scrub my back...what more could a guy want?

P.S. Congats on the win pitmaster. You guy looked great.

depends who it is if its a random person off the street around 10.00 if tis a fellow fighter just visiting in town etc. I let them train for free. What goes around comes around

usually I let a person have the firt couel of weeks free.If a person wanted to come in form out of town and have some mat time I would open up for them if I could participate and as long as it didn't conflict with my schedule otherwise

how about students from other gyms

5-10 dollars for someone visiting just looking to train a couple of hours.


We do not charge fees for any visitors. Being in Las Vegas, we have many people come to town for a week and want to train while they are in town. Especially when the UFC is in town. We think that people from other schools give our students anouther perspective. If they get caught with something they have never seen before, they can ask Sergio or Ricardo questions and learn even more.

Matt Lindland is so sexy that he trains for free...

Hey SC where is your gym at???

LVCC that is a great attitude. I come from a wrestling background and one of the biggest things that hampers BJJ growth is training with other guys and teams. Of course wrestling doesnt charge to train period. It is very normal to compete against a guy that you have trained with in Wrestling. I always figured my teams got better because of the training we did with other teams. we would pick up stuff from them and they from us.


"He or she has to pay me with sex... "

Chuck and Gan train there right?