Daisy Fresh.... do these guys have medical insurance?

Do they?

Laziest insurance broker ever


Lol they barely had food when they first started so I’m guessing insurance isn’t a thought in their minds

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What about if they are training at the performance institute in Vegas and get injured?


Did something happen?


Well, as long as you don’t combine the wrong foods, you don’t need medical insurance.

But, if you’re gonna eat bananas with honey like you’re indestructible, then yeah, it’s a different story.


You realize that most professional MMA fighters do not have health insurance. Even guys in the UFC.

Pre UFCPI fighters would go into a fight injured so that they could have the medical event’s insurance cover their injury management.

UFC fighters have assess to the UFCPI if they want to travel to Vegas for medical care.

So based on this… I highly doubt that professional grapplers who make significantly less money have health insurance.


I am from Germany, we have insurance by law. I can´t even imagine to train BJJ without insurance.:wink:

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I trained in Brazil a few times and could not believe how they trained and completed all without insurance

Before my first tournament there, I told my Brazilian coach about my insurance just in case I got hurt and he just gave me a look like I was some wealthy sissy crybaby.

I think there a lot of people who are doing bjj without any insurance and maybe no legal I.D. If they were born in a favela or slum.

I can’t imagine doing that after the injuries I’ve had from training.


I got MRSA back in the day with no insurance, it cost me a grand for the ER and a grand for the doctor and it was all of like 3 min of work for them…shit is unreal

is medical care just as expensive in brazil? will they be bankrupt after treatment?

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I have no idea. I can’t imagine what it’s like to break something down there …

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