Daley turns down potential Manhoef fight

Daley posted the following message on his Facebook on Tuesday, effectively turning down a potential match-up against Manhoef.

Bellator president Scott Coker, calling for Manhoef vs Daley....? ? ?...

As great as it would be one paper, this is a fight that will not be happening...for personal reasons, plus the more obvious reason of him being a former training partner, mentor, and someone I owe some of my training practises and methods too....

Happy that Bellator are looking to schedule me to fight in November, but I would not even consider this fight.....



Daley does train at Mike's Gym, so that makes sense. Sucks though... Phone Post 3.0

I said this in a thread yesterday, didn't think Daley would want to do it. Phone Post 3.0

Friends, sometimes training partners plus neither of them (especially Manhoef) needs another loss right now. If Daley accepts the fight he either gives another loss to Manhoef (who is a really good dude) or he loses himself. Lose-lose situation for both fighters.

Manhoef would've accepted.

Duck duck goose Phone Post 3.0

Madrugadao - I didn't even know they had such a history. Can't argue with that though.
Yeh they've been "stablemates" loosely for years. He's always spoke very highly of Manhoef Phone Post 3.0

How can you hate on this?

dana would have chewed out daley and manhoef for not fighting.

Manhoef cornered daley in one of his last 2 fights. No chance ever of that fight happening Phone Post 3.0

BJJkilla - dana would have chewed out daley and manhoef for not fighting.
After hearing they don't want to, he would have pushed for it even more like it was the only option. Phone Post 3.0

Somebody be dick tucking. He complains about fighting wrestlers one day, turns down a striker the next. Phone Post 3.0

No way it was ever happening. Phone Post 3.0

i hope Daley has been sharpening up his ground skills. as great as his stand up is, hes lacking on the ground

Respect to Daley for this Phone Post 3.0

Good reason to turn down the fight. I wouldn't fight a friend either.