Daley vs Woodley = Diaz vs Pierre?

I don't know about anyone else, but Nick Diaz is one of my favorite fighters, and I know he could rock GSP but after seeing what Woodley did to Daley, it has opened my eyes up that this could very well be the same fate for Nick Diaz. Daley has pretty good TDD but even then Woodley being a great wrestler was eventually able to get him down. What makes it even more likely that GSP will be able to take Diaz down easy is that Diaz doesn't use a lot of footwork, he likes to stand in the pocket which makes him an easy target for being taken down. GSP has stood up with fighters for the majority of the fight in his last few bouts, so I'm hoping that "training with freddy roach" will boost his ego enough to try to stand with Diaz just long enough for Diaz to plant a few crisp strikes on his chin.

Seriously though what do you guys think? I think it's pretty obvious now that Diaz vs Pierre could look exactly like Daley vs Woodley.

What was it about that specific fight that you now think this but didn't before?

Seems odd to me that you didn't realize this before last night, Phone Post

Ep32nv - What was it about that specific fight that you now think this but didn't before?<br><br>Seems odd to me that you didn't realize this before last night, <img src="/images/phone/post_tag.png" alt="Phone Post" border="0" style="vertical-align:middle;"/>

Well, actually I did realize it but I think I underestimated good wrestling vs good bjj. Seems like Daley would have been able to get in a few submissions given Woodleys wrestling wasn't so good which nullified it. I wasn't really thinking about that when I originally thought about the GSP vs Diaz match up. I was thinking that Diaz's bjj would eventually allow him to slip in a submission, but if GSP controls him like Woodley did Daley, then I truly realize now that that won't happen. Also my opinion about what would happen in the fight was biased since I really want them both to stand and bang, lol so I guess you could say that played a role in it before this eye opener as well.

So you think wrestling/takedowns, (GSP's greatest attribute and Diaz's weakest defense) will play a factor into this match up!? Umpossible!
For the record though I think GSP will stand with Diaz quite a bit, unfortunately Nick while very accurate lacks 1-punch KO power and if GSP gets in trouble he'll pretty much take the fight to the ground at will. He also won't gas like Woodley, but if he gets too sloppy with his takedowns I could possibly see Diaz slipping in a nice submission.

I think GSP will just stand up enough to draw blood and try to pressure Diaz. Then take Diaz down and try to work elbows from te top and control.

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it's definitely possible

lol @ people thinking GSP will want to stand w/ Diaz to try to draw blood and pressure him before taking him down...

dude was shooting a double on Dan freaking Hardy 8 seconds into round one and his best striking display and finish was against a Rory Markham w/ a collapsed lung

My prediction - GSP will wrestlefuck Diaz for the better part of 5 rounds


GSP will use a lot of footwork to throw leg kicks and go for takedowns. I don't see him throwing too many jabs this time.

Stu ur a tard, since ur so smart why don't you tell us what's going to happen in this fight? And bet some money on it. Phone Post