Dallas/Ft. Worth Training?


I was wondering if anyone knew any good places to train in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. One of my best friends is moving there next month and we are trying to find somewhere for him. He's a beginner at BJJ and Muy Thai and he is hoping to find somewhere to continue training in those arts. Any help would be hugely appreciated. (btw, he is also a person willing to drive a bit, anything within 45 minutes-an hour should be cool).


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Carlos Machado - North Dallas - carlosmachado.net - One of the best instructors in the world. All of the other top instructors are his students or where his students at some point.

Robert DeFranco - Downtown Dallas - dfwgunrange.com - one of Carlos' brown belts. Newer gym but several purples and a few blues train out of Rob's. One of the best places to train for the money.

Travis Lutter - (Irving) www.nextgenbjj.com - One of Carlos' black belts. Total badass. Recently beat Ryron Gracie and David Avellan to win Submission Challenge. Also fights MMA.

Orlando Waugh - (Arlington) www.tsdefense.com One of Carlos' black belt. Super technical. Great teacher. Has a very unorthodox game so you get to feel things from a different perspective.

Saekson Janjira - (Plano) www.saeksonmuaythai.com
One of the best Muay Thai instructors in the world. Really tough guys who are getting into some MMA. Pete Spratt trains out of his gym.

There are a few other places around but if he is looking for BJJ or Muay Thai these are the guys I would go to.

go to NDBJJ.com. We are in the same gym as Saekson Janjira. JD Shelley, a brown(soon to be black next month) under Jacare is our grappling coach, so you have the best of both worlds. As Rodney said, a fighters' gym- Pete Spratt from UFC, Jason House and Joe Garcia from KOTC, Hector Munoz from IFC, and many fighters in the local FightNight shows. Please come check us out, you can get good deals when taking both BJJ and Muay Thai!

Mike Valentine


JD is getting his BJJ black-belt? Wow, congrats!

- Kyle

Rodney pretty much nailed it.


Lutter is in Ft. Worth.

My bad. I knew it was somewhere west of me. :)

We're all just suburbs of Dallas. ;)

Don't forget about the lonely BJJ/Judo crosstrainers...

Dallas Judo Club www.dallasjudo.com - if you're looking for lots of training/sparring/randori. Lots of good competitors and older guys who are very good and happy to teach. Lots of open mat time.

Ft Worth Judo Club www.fwjudo.org - More of a structured class, but great coaching/teaching none the less.

Becerra Judo Club - Garland. www.becerrajudo.com - one of the finest technical instructors around, Ron Yoshida.

kyles - Jacare is going to be at our gym in a couple of weeks, and I have my fingers crossed - he is due!