Dallas just NEVER quit

I have never seen a team literally not quit, but after whoever it was captured the offside kick. I wish I was there, and it was obvious they never quit. The biggest joy is the fact that you listen to this team talk and they say over and over "we have to much talent in this locker room to lose". Thats just great, this team has bought into their own hype, much like the Patriots have. We simply think we can just show up and will beat teams. And we just did. The only bad news is we are both 5-0 with the Patriots and there is a lot of football left, and the NFC EAST is the weakest division in football this year.


AFC west is the weakest imo. You could tell the Bills were fired up for this game. They got every break imaginable. The Boys still won. Emmitt Smith is very excited. Things couldn't be better. Still think Barber should be the starting RB. He never quits.

There is a new Folk Hero in Dallas: Nick Folk!

LOL. Nice spin Heman. Any thread that pokes fun at 303 I support. How bout dem Cowboys.

Romo looked like absolute dogshit last night.

Luckily for them the Bills snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.

I didn't see Jauron's postgame press conference but I imagine he said something like this:




Dallas was exposed last night and their not nearly as good as I thought.The Bills history of finding ways to loose games continues.

Hey Dallas fans...I hear Rex Grossman is availabe. Perhaps a QB upgrade wouldn't be a bad thing? LOL.

For the record, the Bills didn't quit either. They just don't have the horses to run in the same race.

Dallas still SUCKS!


They just had the ball last

"Hey Dallas fans...I hear Rex Grossman is availabe. Perhaps a QB upgrade wouldn't be a bad thing? LOL."

LOL...the difference between TONY and REX is that TONY will have numerous outstanding games...and a few horrible games...with REX...well...the exact opposite...actually no...he didn't even have one good game this season! LOL.

Grossman would have been mentally destroyed by those picks last night. He wouldn't have been able to put it behind him and lead his team back like Romo did.

Joulnx is exactly right. Romo did not get discouraged.

And in terms of wins, the weakest division is the AFC East. They have combined for only seven wins, five of those going to the Pats. The other three teams average less than one win between them.

rkjmd...do u like my spin???


That game hurt, bad. At least as bad as the last game of the 04 season where Willie Parker and Pittsburghs third stringers knocked the bills out of the playoffs. Not quite as badly as the fucking forward pass on a KR that let the Titans beat the Bills in the Playoffs.

Get ready for the Duel in Dallas!

T.O. n company are goin to whip on od english !!