Damar Hamlin died conspiracy theory

Crazy, disturbing Damar Hamlin conspiracy theory emerges

In many respects, the modern world has lost its damn mind.

Conspiracy theories abound, over anything. Over everything. And it was unavoidable, we suppose, that some nutty conspiracy theory would emerge regarding Bills safety Damar Hamlin.

Our original plan was to ignore it. To give it no attention, no credence, no oxygen. Sometimes, however, it’s important for the rational to expose the irrational, so that some of the rational aren’t tempted to swallow the crazy-ass cheese.

As it relates to Hamlin, there’s actually a theory — completed unsupported by a shred of evidence — that Hamlin died from the COVID vaccine and that he has been replaced by a body double.

Think about that one. The person who attended Sunday’s game between the Bengals and Bills isn’t Damar Hamlin. It’s someone else, disguised as Damar Hamlin. And, presumably, his family and his teammates are in on it.

It made for an interesting premise in the movie Dave. It makes for an embarrassingly ridiculous suggestion in the real-life story of Damar.

And some in the media are presenting it as if it’s a subject of legitimate debate. Earlier this week, Josh Allen was actually asked — with a straight face — to respond to it.

Modern journalism often raises thorny questions of reporting facts versus expressing opinions. The specific facts the media chooses to report often carry strong implicit opinions. Simply by acknowledging a kooky conspiracy theory (without quickly calling it kooky), we’re essentially saying, “Many people are saying . . . .”

So if we in the media are going to mention something that we know or should know is wrong, we need to have the willingness to say, “Folks, this is wrong. People should know better. You should know better. Please, apply some common sense.”

Thus, to summarize: Folks, this is wrong. People should know better. You should know better. Please, apply some common sense.

How would that look in this case? Well, instead of presenting the subject to Allen as something that “mainstream media outlets” are “saying the fix is in, that was not Damar” and asking him to “debunk” it, the question would have gone something like this: “Josh, have you seen this crazy fucking story about Damar Hamlin dying from the COVID vaccine and being replaced by a body double? Can you believe someone would actually buy that bullshit?”


Never mind, I misunderstood the thread. I thought it was saying he did die, and now there are conspiracy theories about it.

Glad it’s just a conspiracy theory, and he didn’t die


I just don’t understand how people who have been lied to on a regular basis by the biggest authorities on Earth and from nearly every facet of life would be wary of things.


I think it’s all because he never actually showed his face at the game

I like conspiracies but idk about this one, seems like a stretch here


Thats the only thing makes sense on how this conspiracy could have any legs. I vaguely remember him in the suite veiled in darkness.

But agree that its a stretch

Is damar on Twitter?

Does he speak?

No reason he can’t talk to someone. At any point. If he still hasn’t, well…


So stupid. If there was a conspiracy, why not just pretend he’s still too weak and home, instead of using a “body double”. WTF

I really dont give a shit either way. I mean, I hope he’s alive, but I think it’s funny that people are suggesting that an unrecognizable masked figure is proof of anything. If he’s alive, great. If not, bummer :frowning: but either outcome wouldn’t shift my trust in the media.



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People are shocked there’s no video of him in the locker room with his team when he went to the game

Anyone find one?

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Right? He knows about this and could easily clear it all up if he wanted to. Something isn’t right here. Hope we are all wrong.

I’m not following the story, don’t care about football.

But I heard when it happened, and I’m a cardiac nurse. So I listened a bit.

I said that I didn’t think the hit was enough to do it. However, if his heart was under stress, I think it would have been more likely. What do I think causes some cardiomyopathy? So I do think it was the vax. Because his doc said he was there for the booster two weeks prior (if accurate).

So, you said he knows about this. Does he? Has he communicated so?


Never heard about this but yup… that’ll do it

Once he does post a video, there will be those that think it is a deep fake.


Slow news week

If he shows up in public, not wearing a full disguise, I will gladly admit that I questioned the legitimacy of the official story. I dont think that is asking a lot and Im expecting that it will happen soon anyway, unless he goes into hiding or wears a mask in public for the rest of his life. If he does do either of those things will you still believe that it is actually him?

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So the answer is to be indiscriminately wary of every little thing? That’s dumb.


Lots of the people are proving it wasnt intellegence that found themselves on the right side of the vax issue.

The conspiracy is this was thought up and pushed by intelligence to make reasonable/credible conspiracies look crazy. It happens all the time.