Damien Riccio KTFO in England

Damien Riccio fought unbeaten MMA fighter Hassan Muradi tonight in the UK. Hassan known for his quality wrestling and brutal ground and pound has KO'd him in just 20 secs!!

I havent got any details yet but will post them as soon as i do.

Was little Pepe there on his crutches?

LOL, just kidding.

Suck Frenchie.

Brits are pussies!

Will Pepe finally step up to the plate to avenge his brother's loss?

Good! LMAO @ Riccio!

Well done Hassan, he took out a very good fighter in Riccio.


From: raul10
Date: 05/23/04 08:11 PM
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Brits are pussies!

The irony of this is tht Ricco is French and Hassan wasn't even born in England!

'Brits are pussies!'

rofl, thanks for that genius:)

"Riccio might have lost, but all of you haters need to be reminded that:
-He punked Robin in an answer to the Gracie challenge.

-He survived a sneaky gang attack led by Royce."

Whenever I hear this weak ass bullshit I get madder than a skinhead watching The Jefferson's.

wat happens on the cctv footage,enlighten

Any vid of the Ricco fight?

And the idea of any ADULT let alone a TRAINER FIGHTER - messing with a 13 yo kid is ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING and horrible for the sport!

man that sure does make the Gracie's look bad lol