Dammit! Ephedra Banned

CNN is reporting that ephedra has been banned. Whatever you think of ephedra, it's fucking ridiculous the government has decided to come in and make yet another decision for me.

I just wanted to vent.

Yeah I just read that a minute ago.. fucking blows.

I still have a little stash of Biotest's old MD6.. but I'm going to have to go out and grab up whatever else I can.

Hot Rox baby.

That shit costs too much, LG. Plus, I like ephedrine for the kick.. not to burn fat.

pharmaceutical companies are psyched! Welcome to the age of prescription weight loss (again). Who do you think lobbied more than anyone else to get it banned? Not because of health risks (there are none for most people if taken properly. The Chinese have been drinking Ma Huang tea for thousands of years, really put a dent in there population). Now you're going to see an explosion of new,"safe" prescription fat loss products. Probably have a big commercial during the Super Bowl too. I love big business and government, sorry, that's redundant. Ephedra worked well as a fat burner. Everyone knows it. Sure you take too much and shit happens (just like aspirin,tylenol,alcohol,certain vitamins and minerals,the list goes on). Oh well. I'm skinny to begin with so I guess it's on to the 20oz cups of coffee. Feel bad for the chubby people though.

post sites who will still sell it for 2 t mos!!!!!!!!!!!!

*whew* thank GOD the govt. is regulating that EVIL drug that kills millons of people each year, my father died from ephedra overdose, my grandfater died from ephedra overdose, my cousin died from ephedra overdose...thank the lord we have such wonderful legislators that are acting in our best interests!!!!

155 deaths in 12 years... all due to overdose or other conditions... over a hunred studies showing the chemical safe if taken correctly...

Woo! More rights and common sense killed by the gov.

Made a little investment in a Xenadrine stockpile. I'll let you people squirm for a while then I'll see you biatches on ebay.


You poor babies. Now how are you going to get energy and burn fat? Stupid old fashioned eating and sleeping.


Hey Doug.

Why don'tcha go fuck yourself?


HAHAHA! Someone is coming down off their fix!


if u live by a chinatown you can go into any herb shop and ask for ma huang in raw form. some will actually powder it for you.

Depending on a drug is not a great idea, there were good reasons to ban it

Well if there are so many careless people taking it then the government probably has to do something about it....

I know the same can be said about any drug and is the same. If stupid/careless people OD on it then well that is just carless and can happen to any substance. I'm sure if anyone had enough cough med it is going to do something bad.

Oh well doesn't bother me ban or no ban.


Do you think they will have Stacker and other name brand ephedra products in Mexico?

I do not take Ephedrine, but I think that it is a real shame that it is being pulled. It is the start of a bad trend, when something works, take it off the shelves.

Mike Mahler

How am I supposed to make my heart explode now?

Wait, it's still legal in Canada for a bit.

Anyone tried Zantrex-3? There are 350 mg of caffeine in 2 pills, recommended dose is 6 pills a day.

Concidering that abuse of Tylenol has killed 100 folks this passed year, I fail to see how ephedra is so much more dangerous.

But I guess they didn't have enough money to buy a congressman or two.

Good to see my tax dollars at work.


already ordered my 3 bottles