Dammit Hillbilly/Ali!

Once again I forgot to archive a good thread.

Country blues, you guys had a monstrous list.

Anyway, if you're bored...

BTW, I just discovered a Willie Johnson track I've never heard of - 'make me a pallet on the floor' anybody have a copy?

nevermind, found it!

Das--you found the list, or you found the Willie Johnson "Pallet"??

And is that Blind Willie Johnson? Because both Yazoo and Columbia have put our what they purport to be "complete" BWJ's, and that song is on neither of them. Where did you find that?? (I like Mississippi John Hurt's version of that, by the way).

Thats was my first question..If not:


Charlie Patton, Son House, Willie Brown, Skip James, Robert Johnson, Johnny Shines, RL Burnside, Fred McDowell, Jessie May Hemphill, Houston Stackhouse, Robert Lockwood Jr, Lonnie Pichford, Bo Carter, Mississippi Shieks, Miss John Hurt, Johnny Woods.


Mance Lipscomb, Lightnin` Hopkins, Blind Lemon Jefferson, Lil` Hat Jones, Blind Willie Johnson, Funny Papa Smith, Willie Reed, Lil` Son Jackson


Willie Walker, Rev Gary Davis, Sonny Terry, Blind Boy Fuller, Blind Blake, Brownie McGee, John Jackson, John Cephas, Ssylvester Weaver


Tampa Red, Big Bill Broonzy, Memphis Minnie, Hokem Boys, Lonnie Johnson


Memhis Jug Band, Furry Lewis, Sleepy John Estes, Gus Cannon, Henry Townsend, Snooks Eaglin, and of course the king of caucasion bluesmen JIMMY ROGERS.


John Hammond Jr, Roy Bookbinder, Paul Rischell, Paul Germia, Jorma, Woody Mann, Jo-Ann Kelly, George Gritzbaugh, Catfish Keith.

I typed these off the top of my head. I can come up with more if there is a particular style of country blues that interests you.

Robert Pete Williams and Skip James need to be added.

Ooopps. Skip James doesn't need to be added. I overlooked it on first reading!

Yeah I`m sure I missed a few.

I meant i found the song.

Thanks hillbilly, I'm most into delta style.

I found that song on a mp3 search program called soulseek. I'd never heard of it either, and I have a feeling its mislabeled, but I'm going to do some research first - it sounds a little to clean to be him.

Hell, maybe it is him. It seems he did record it.





Start with these Tapout: Blind Boy Fuller, Blind Blake

Robert Pete Williams is one of my favorites, and he's rhythmically so damned weird... but probably not as conventionally "impressive" a guitarist as someone like Fuller or Gary Davis.

damn, this is a god list!

To keep this list growing I'll add some of my favorites (old and new):

Funny Papa Smith, Pink Anderson, Tommy Johnson, Rube Lacy (check out mississippi jail house groan), Robert Petway, Sony Bow Williamson, Muddy Waters, Kid Bailey, Ishmon Bracey, Bukka White.


Hillbilly, what Lonnie Johnson stuff compares to 'Don't use your head, Uncle Ned' - playing style at least.

This list is overwhelming me at this point... Plenty of musicians listed I have yet to hear. Good stuff. I have to copy this thread later OR... will one of the mods please archive it? At least when it seems it's reached a point of relative stasis

Great idea, I lost the last great country blues list. I wonder If I can re-name this thread first?

I don't know how to do that (but then, I'm not the most computer savvy, as you know). You CAN just copy/paste the entire thing into another thread, and re=title it that way, though.