Dammit, I Can't Sleep!

I can't sleep for thinking about Royce VS Yoshida

The wife ask me what the hell is wrong, I'm up and down, and back and fourth to the computer........

I've got a "weird" feeling about this one!

It's 2:00 am, on the east coast!

Have they started yet?

ttt for Pride results!!!!

Somebody tell me something!!!!!!

royces fight is the last fight?? if so then there are fights going on now or soon. someone post results cause yoshi and rooyce is not the only fights tonight.

sak-fu is all good and also sperry

I thought it started 4PM EST.
In any case, just when I think I'm more into MMA than anyone.I wake up the day after these things and read posts by the poor SOB's that couldn't get to bed.It's humbling.My hat is off to you nuts.

You are a grown married man. Just relax, and go to sleep. Listen to Art Bell.