Damn, Arias.... :)

All those threads you made when Philly was up 2-0 in the series sure look silly now...



Your friend,



Damn, damn, damn. Time to pull out the sundin voodoo doll.

I'll take Joe back for now. Nolan will be off when he comes back and the lineup Quinn put together looks good already. Francis looked good, Reichel good on the PK, McCabe had some hiccups and Sundin was a horse. Leafs got a bit sloppy in the 3rd, but overall another good game.

JR, Recchi and LeClair need to step it up for Philly. Leafs need to score first in the next game to silence the crowd.

Go Leafs Go.

Damn it!

who looks funny now....

But remember goaltending wins Championships....

Belfour was awesome today!


Belfour was awesome today!


lol, is she still your girlfriend now? lol

great post on the OG about the best athlete btw.

Arias my tiny little friend...

We'll see how you girls do in game 6...

"lol the OG post, until these bithes realize that gretzky has dominated his sport like no other athlete in any sport ever has, I will keep shooting the facts to them. Jordan cant hold the great ones jock strap"

damn true