Damn, Did Vin Diesel Let Himself Go?

i’ve heard that leonardo decaprio’s mother did some questionable things regarding getting her son roles.

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Women don’t swoon over the rock, lol.

Maybe it’s just me. But I’ve got more respect for guys who think that being shredded is part oft their job and something to be done when they are in front of they are shooting a movie or TV show than guys whose vanity requires them to look buff 365 days a year.

Enjoy life, have a dad body (but not obese) and get ripped only when you are getting paid for it.

It’s probably more got to do with drugs, honestly.
You get a role, you diet down while bulking up muscle mass - which is for non-newbs usually only doable with steroids in the first place.
After shooting has wrapped up, you get off, testosterone plummets, you don’t have to work out, you wanna live life et cetera.

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Cool. I liked watching him in Grease and Welcome Back Kotter reruns when I was a kid. Good to know he’s not a douchebag.

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As soon as the clues came, I had the same guess.

Makes you wonder if Heath Ledger dealt with this and the shame was too much.

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