Damn EA...damn them to hell

Battlefield 2142 sounds really fucking good...

I hate those Fuckers....they're like Crack dealers, and I'm looking to score.

poor govnor

hopefully the extra 100 years will give them time to work out all the bugs that the last battlefield had

LOL...wishful thinking I suspect.

Assuming Mrs.Gov goes to Yoga...yes I am. (but I probably am anyway)

Any word on when this is due out?
If its still several away, I may be bored enough with BF2 to try it out.

But right now I'm content. Our recent rounds with an entire OG squad and voice have rejuvinated gameplay for me.

Ahren - I haven't seen you on in a while?

I don't have SF...I keep thinking I'll get it at some point, but I just haven't bothered. It seems like it is only just worth it.

Been good times the last weeks on regular BF2 as well.

I think the lesson has been learned on setting up a squad, you have to put VOICE in the squad title....and hope the other players "don't have cocks in their mouths".

I have to tell you guys about this round I played last night. It was the Operation Clean Sweep map.

I got in a squad where the leader was piloting a blackhawk. He had this trick whereby he took it up as high as the game allows...it is way higher than jets normally fly.

He survived the whole game on one life because no planes saw him up that high.

We would literally die, then respawn everytime way up there and just jump out immediately when we got over the next flag...the other team had no idea where we were coming from.

Was a fun round......I'll shut up now.

Thats one of the things I miss from DC. The choppers were able to climb wicked high so you had a lot of guys dropping onto flags.

I have SF but haven't bothered to install it again.

Steve - 2142 sounds like it has some very good new features. Now, we have to remember, this is EA...so there is a good chance that some of them won't even be in the game.


Damn. I just watched the 2142 trailer. Fuckers. I'll probably get it. And a new video card so I can run it.


Cool clip

Anyone notice that music at the end sounded very suspiciously like the Terminator theme music? ;-)

Looks like what Planetside was intended to be :)

I need to get on the OG Voice squad with you guys. Got the xfire working again :)

Hell yeah join us. What is your xfire name again?

You pegged me Franky - I've never played a BF game - I found the experience playing the first one to be way too punishing due to my suckitude :-P

Hardwired....BF2 is not one of those games where some 15 year old with faster reaction times and 1000 hours playing time isn't gonna beat you everytime.

Winning the rounds depends on a lot of team work. If you get in a good squad and have a good round, it often doesn't matter if your team wins or not, it's just a blast.

Come on in, the waters warm and the fish don't bite.

Govnor - my xfire name is JiuJitsuThug

Checked in last night but you guys were all offline.

I will be in thisweek for sure - got a new mic :)

cool - look forward to some games this week then. I'll be on quite a bit I suspect.

Played a little last night..but I was too tired...and we played on a realy tough server, so the ownage got old, quick.