Damn, Fisher's catching the chin

pretty much whenever he wants, and all power. I don't like Stouts lack of head movement, he's eaten alot of hard shots already, thats gonna catch up with him...

but Stouts turning it around at the 1:30 mark....

Stout has a great chin. Fisher totally embarassed him for the first 3:30 of that round, then started getting sloppy and going back to the wide punches and Superman crap that got him KO'd against Hermes.

Awesome 1st round. These guys are putting on a show.

Awesome fight.

Btw did anyone catch during the beginning of the match, it looked like he tried to crash into him with a front elbow? I wasn't sure if he was just shelling up and crashed into him or if he was putting that elbow up and straigth up trying to run into him with it.

night of the miletich southpaws

well i saw him once trying the swinging one, but that's not the one i'm talking about, i mean like just placing his elbow pointing at his face and running into him without moving the elbow (maybe he did that twice but i just didn't catch it).

ok sweet.

He's been doing that "hook" elbow too, just did it agian in the second, would be wicked to see one of those land.

stout is just walking to the power hand of fisher loads! what a awesome fight props to both!!!

I don't get how his face isn't showing any velts or bruises at ALL.

the chins on both these guys are unbelievable, they can go all day. Only thing that ruined the fight slightly was Rogan's obsession with Spencer,lol.