Damn this is ugly

with 2/5 of the starting lineup not playing the knicks just cant compete. even with houston and tim thomas playing it would be an uphill battle but this series is fucking ugly. hopefully they sign a solid player this summer and with a healthy team for a full season i think the knicks will be a good team probably getting a 3 seed in the playoffs. Man I hope Detroit blows it so Rasheed comes to NY...

NY can't compete anyways, what a useless fucking thread. lol

Oh, and Rasheed ain't goin to NY. :)

and the kings will choke in the playoffs yet again, i may be done watching my team in a couple days but your team will only last a week longer lol :)

WHY YOU DIRTYFUCKINGMARTHAFOCKER!!!!!! Well ya know what?? FUCK YOU!!! I'm a pessimist to begin with, and I was feeling that Dallas would take this series before the playoffs eves started, so I'll take what I can get. :)

I don't think Rasheed will help, really. The Knicks need to decide who their stars and who their roleplayers are. Tim Thomas is a rising-star type, though he may never actually rise. Allan Houston, Stephon Marbury, Tim Thomas, even Nazr Mohammed has a little of that.

If I were the Knicks, I'd try to lose Allan Houston, Dikembe Motombo, and maybe Tim Thomas too. Get some guys more in the "roleplayer" mode.

Brian, don't make me get my photoshop on. :)

The Knicks salary cap situation is an absolute abomination. I can't see how they will ever be good.