Damn! UFC tix are expensive!!!!!!

Sweet Jeebus.

$400, $300, $200, $100, or $50?

I remember the tix were the cheapest part of the trip, now it's the most expensive for me. When did this happen? I haven't gone to a live fight since 46 and it wasn't this pricey.

Actually it's not that bad. It's just you always go to Vegas with friends and some aren't into it as we all are and therefore don't want to foot that extra cash.

It's a no win situation. Either you go with friends and get crappy seats. Or you ditch your friends to get good seats. Both suck.

simple economics. there is more of a demand for tix now.

Yeah, the prices creeped up slowly. I wanted to go to Chuck vs. Jeremy but couldn't justify spending $50 for nosebleed tickets.

bought 4 $100 tickets over ticketmaster, i got taxed mad.

holy crap that is expensive!! $400 to sit by zito?

i just find it odd that they go up in increments of $100.

It went up $50.

Oh forget that post...I thought you meant from the price increase.

Getting there is still the most expensive part for me...ShotCaller, if I were you I'd pay the 400.00 and make new friends cageside....hook up with your (less than excited to be there) friends afta!!!!

I hear ya mmalady. I just figured my Hooters airline ticket would cost a little more than the fight. No biggie. Just got my attention.

Still cheaper than a Chiefs game!!

Yea, I remember seeing Tito vs Elvis in NJ for $15.

Yeah, I saw a couple....a while ago.....when they used to come to Iowa.....$50 for Cage side seats!

The last ufc card was horrible IMO also Arlovski vs Eilers???

If its wasnt for Serra vs Karo and TUFs on the card i wipe my ass with that show and would have no interest in seeing that card which i got for free from a friend.

If you think that's expensive don't ever plan on attending a Pride show.

what do pride tickets cost?

But Pride puts on a SHOW! The production values alone are way better
than UFC. UFC is like video (i.e. looks like a soap opera) and PRIDE is
like watching a movie event in a theater. But it IS a lot more expensive
to fly to Japan and buy a ticket ;) A friend who happened to be in Japan
went to the Pride show in Osaka and paid around 300 bucks for a good
seat. It was last minute at the box office and a single.

And on one hand, it does suck that the prices for UFC are going up
cause that makes it more difficult for us to go.
On the other hand, it shows that the sport is getting bigger and there
is more interest (uh...from people who have money?). lol...I'll get the
PPV, have friends chip in and order some pizzas.
Don't raise the PPV prices any more. NHB ain't bigger than Boxing or
WWE, so don't go raisin' 'em.

I did have to go to vegas for UFC 40 and got some goods seats.

Worth every penny live that event was off the chain!