blue please?

Tim Boetsch and...Cyborg?


forrestfan -

Holy shit Phone Post

AresSmashedPrahjuhdee - who's that light skinned black dude next to Boetsch?

Noob. That's Vitor.

check out Stallone..... always getting in on the act..

I have mixed feelings on mma and I always have. I appreciate the sport and technique and training. I also ask myself what the fuck we are cheering for guys basically going through 45 mph car crashes with no seat belts for our entertainment. If you just saw both those dudes in the hospital and didn't know why, would there be any scenario I could tell you that led to them looking like that that it would make you say "AWESOME!!"?

Again, I'm a fan of the sport, but it's still pretty brutal violence for no reason, no real life self defense of yourself or of your family.

yeah yeah, go watch golf.

Damn Tims eye looks pwned.

Wow, looks like someone who puffs up from a bee sting.

sucks seeing dos santos like this. Hope he is smiling laughing and getting laid as I type this lol. now can we please see Jon Jones get battered like this? PLEASEEE

Lauzon looked like he was in a high speed car chase, crashed and got out of the car to retaliate. Phone Post

Lauzon looked like a freshly-turned zombie.

Creepy Joe looks like Nosferatu after a large meal!!

UGCTT_BlahBreh - http://i.imgur.com/ZPyNa.jpg


For OP:

DamnSevern - 

What a warrior.

ajsr - Creepy Joe looks like Nosferatu after a large meal!!

LOL this Phone Post

thats no shit

epwar - 

Tim Boetsch and...Cyborg?