Damon Payne?

Anyone know this gent?

I'm told he's a BJJ purple teaching out of Rockhampton, but I have no contact details.

The name rings a bell. If it's the same guy - and it's likely - he fought on the Rings NR4 show against a Canadian guy called Joe Neurauter. Very solid and stocky bald guy at the time, lost by armlock, but was fairly impressive (strong) before getting caught. If he's now a purple belt then he's definitely been working, and would be good by now.

I would be surprised to hear there's a BJJ purple belt in Rockhampton though!

Hey Chris.
Send me an e-mail and I will pass on his number.

Mail, you have.....

Seemed like a class act too -- very gracious after the fight.

- Joe Neurauter

PS -- Do I get a green name now ;)

(edited to correct spelling on my own freaking name!)

damon payne, was he the guy who had his knee blown from a scissor take down in amatuer rings? Anyway he must be tough with a name like damon payne.

lol @ Jaje

I think you might be right Jaje. That was a pretty sickening mishap to watch though, whoever it was.