Dampier A Grizzlie

He was interviewed last night at the game and said he wants to move closer to home (Mississppi),and that the Grizz were one of the top teams on his list....
They need help rebounding and this would be a great pickup.

Unless the cap is much higher than expected they wont have the cap room. I'd love to see a sign and trade with my Warriors. Maybe get the Grizz to re-sign Swift and then trade Swift and Posey for Damp.

They will have the cap room, because finally the Reeves deal will be over..He took up 8 mil on the grizz salary cap and Dampier said he will opt out of his last 2 years.You can have swift, but posey u can forget about it.

LOL, the warriors don't want to sign that piece of crap, after he signs his next big contract he will go back to being one of the biggest stiffs in the NBA

shadetree please go here, add up the Grizz salaries for next season and tell me what you come up with.


I dont need to go there, when Jerry West already said they would have cap-room this off season..

Maybe, but enough to sign Dampier?

Yes...Jerry West has been after Dampier since Dec..I know West wouldnt go after him if he wasnt sign-able.

the scary thing is. The Spurs have enough space to go after ANYONE. they could friggin sign Shaq and Kobe and still be under the cap limit. Look for some big things to happen for the spurs next season.