Dan Evenson V Kongo

I saw Evenson once on Bodog and I remember being impressed. He looked strong, mean and aggressive when he pounded out his opponent with hammerfists. Of course it was in Bodog, but he looked tough.

Has anyone seen any of his other fights or know anything about him? I think he says he likes to strike and hates wrestlers. If that is true then his match with Kongo might not go so well. Kongo is a name kickboxer and I don;'t think Doug is.

Dan is a big teddy bear.

"Dan is a big teddy bear."

You mean he has teeth and claws or he is soft and squishy?

I actually just watched the fight again. He looks powerful but not technical with his striking or clinch work. The fight was over a year ago I think so who can tell what he is like now.

I was referring to the kind of guy Dan is. In all the pic’s you see of him he looks like a mean bastard, but in reality he is nice guy.

I think you have pretty much summed up his fighting style. He fights with brute strength more then athleticism is that makes sense. I do not see this changing.

I hope that Dan put’s on a good showing, but I do not see him getting past Kongo unless he can land that one big punch.

Dan by GnP.