Dan Gable

Can someone post more dan gable stories? I've been blown away with stories of how intense he trains. Who do you think is more intense in training? Him or Kurt Angle? I've read Kurt's book where he claims to have squatted 400ibs for 70+ reps. Think Gable could do something similar?

Dan Gable was the founding father of lunatic-esque wrestling training. Angle most surely took a page or two from Gable's book.

The only problem with Dan's killer workout routine is that his hip needed to be replaced, and on ESPN'S Sportcentury, Gable said that his body basically fell apart because of how hard he trained when he was younger.

Rumor has it that after the Olympics, Gable was in search of a bigger challenge. He started going out into the woods and wrestling bears. It is also rumored that a bear initially took him down. After that, no other bear EVER scored on him. Once defeating all bears in the mid-west, Gable took on an even bigger challenge, MIKE DITKA!!! Ditka proved to be Gable's biggest challenge ever. However, once again Dan prevailed and won a close match in overtime. The hip injury was the result of wrestling Ditka.


You should take the time and go to a Gable Clinic. It is very shocking to watch a man his age go 4 hours and not get winded.

okay..it might have been 300...my memory sucks

why dont you buy his book

Coaching Wrestling Successfully

I went to his camp in 1979. As an introduction, he double legged all 40 campers, starting with the little guys and moving his wat up to a dude who was 320.

So I take it that he is physically okay now?

he takes forever to warm up, it wasn't my impression that he feels "all right"

In his book "A Season On The Mat" Gable talks about how he would wair a rubber suit outside while mowing the lawn. If anyone has ever been to Iowa during the summer months, you know that it is damn hot and humid!


ps I forgot to mention that he would do all of this while running.

His training partner was (correct me on this if I'm wrong
JakeWrestler) Chris Williams, the 400 + lb fellow Olympian. I
know Gable used to do middle of the night training sessions
b/c while he was sleeping, the guys on the other side of the
globe would be training and he wanted to get a leg up.

"why dont you buy his book Coaching Wrestling Successfully"

I have a brand new copy I'll sell for half price. I bought it and then once
I opened it it really was about coaching wrestling and not Gable.

Chris Taylor?


It's interesting that Cael Sanderson has surpassed Gable in his wrestling success but Gable continues to be the legend. Gable has more charisma and the crazyman training legacy. I still look to Gable for inspiration.

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the rev

"I went to his camp in 1979. As an introduction, he double legged all 40 campers, starting with the little guys and moving his wat up to a dude who was 320."