Dan Hardy and Marcus Davis

Marcus Davis

35 years old


70" reach

Dan Hardy

27 Years old


74" reach

Marcus isn't going to stand with Hardy.  His only path to victory is getting this to the ground.  Can he do that effectively without getting sprawled and brawled by a very good counterstriker?

Probably not!

 its gonna be a war for sure!!!

I'm a Marcus Davis fan but his whole Irish thing annoys me. He's not an Irishman, and I kind of want to see him get knocked out.

RC Gogo - Are you saying that Dan Hardy has better boxing than Davis? Or that the reach advantage will nullify Davis's boxing?

Just curious.

 I don't think it's as simple as "better boxing," Davis probably owns a little more power and probably the stronger chin, but Dan Hardy doesn't get hit much.  He hasn't exactly faced a murderer's row, but he has very good footwork and seems to avoid taking damage.  Coupled with the reach advantage and some pretty good kicks, I can see Hardy frustrating the hell out of Davis as he tries to get to his chin. 

Hardy won't get sucked into a war with Davis where he knows he'll lose, and absent that I don't see how Davis makes it to Hardy's chin without eating a hell of a lot of jabs and maybe even some knees from the clinch.

 Can someone tell me what their feud is all about?  I seem to have missed it somehow.

 I also think people tend to think Davis is a little younger than he really is, because he came to MMA late.  This is a 35 year old fighter, who has taken a lot of punishment in his career.  He may not be there yet, but he's not far from a serious physical wall that is going to be an issue against a kid who already owns a larger frame in his physical prime

 guy1:  This ought to pretty much summarize it.

 youth can be overrrated sometimes and there is def something to be said for "old man strength"