Dan Hardy-no surgery, ok retiring, bruce lee, box

ArthurKnoqOut -
MooSaucy - I still find it amazing that people can't tell when guys are selling a fight.

Dan is very well spoken, intelligent and knows how to market himself. I don't see how you could hate him. He's always been more cheeky than disrespectful.

He wasn't going to stand in front of a camera and say "I'm getting out-fought tonight" or "I don't deserve to be here".

I hope he succeeds in whatever comes next. Plus I think he's as hot as hell! Phone Post 3.0

IDK about the very last sentence but he pretty much himself stated that he was an antagonist and whatnot and had a lot of less-than-sportsmanship-like instances in and out of the cage...So, although he was always involved in martial arts and all that(as he said in the GSP/Hardy countdown/24/7 thing) he still acted and came off as a dick :)
I haven't watched this vid yet - just going on what I've seen/heard in his interviews before.

I've never thought he was a dick except may be when he gave swick the runners up trophy - I did cringe then. Funny, how people see things differently. Phone Post 3.0

thats still freaky stuff having to go into your heart and mess with it.

stop_it_right_meow -

thats still freaky stuff having to go into your heart and mess with it.

That's my thoughts too. Don't have unnecessary surgery. It's dangerous. Phone Post 3.0



Most underrated interviewer in mma... Nice job, Marcos Phone Post