Dan Hardy vs. Carlos Condit at UFC 120

Just posted the story on MMAWeekly.com and thought I'd share


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good match up IMO.

 should be a good fight. i dont think condit will be afraid to break limbs if he has to

Nice! Can't wait.

Triplicate - An epic battle between two guys who were choked out by Pat Healy.



nice, glad Condit got this fight

a win over Hardy throws him right into title contention

Carlos by TKO

 Condit by Big Dog Status.

fight4real - 
Triplicate - An epic battle between two guys who were choked out by Pat Healy.



Chris! What's up buddy? How have you been?

I think condit has this if he can:

a. Develop some fucking head movement
b. overcome his case of "slow start-itis" and get back to mean mugging and going for the kill straight away.

Hardy will have the strength and punching power advantage
condit has a better ground game/gnp/pure MT advantage.

This is a sick matchup actually.

Condit by rd 2 submission.

 i think it will be Hardy by KO/TKO early or a crazy 3 round barn burner.  Sweet fight though.

 Great fight. I'll likely be ordering UFC 120 unless the rest of the card is complete garbage.

In before the UK troll mob.  CC will win.

Can I use "CC" as an abreviation or is that reserved for CroCop?

 I love watching Carlos fight but I think Dan might be too strong for him.

 no no

I wanted to see Hardy-Kampmann

 potentially an awesome fight

 Great fight.  Either Dan by KO or Condit by Sub IMO

Hardy will win.

Good matchup. I think Hardy takes this one.

Gotta favor Condit in this one. Both have good chins, and although Hardy has power, he’s looked stiff, even in his best performances. Condit’s top game and bottom game are superior. Hardy definitely has size. Condit drags everybody into a war, and this might actually be a case where he’s not facing someone looking for the takedown the whole fight. Great fight IMO, but I pick Condit.

Good fight should be fireworks , Hardy by TKO !!!!!