Dan Hardy- What's the story?

I know Dan Hardy had an issue with his medical before his last fight. Something to do with his heart or heartbeat(wolff parkinson white syndrome). Any word on a return yet? I love watching him fight and he always brings it every time. Hope he returns soon.
Can anyone shed some light on whether he can/will be fighting again? Phone Post

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I don't think he will be fighting again unless its a really interesting match for him. Kinda like Randy's last few fights. Phone Post 3.0

Last I read he was seeing a couple of specialists then was going to make a decision on where to go from there. That was maybe a few weeks ago. Phone Post 3.0

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Won't fight again till he has a heart biopsy and gets medical clearance. Phone Post 3.0

Really.? That's awesome. I'd love to see him fight again. Phone Post 3.0