Dan Henderson is...

 totally flying under the radar as one of the funniest guys on Twitter.

Dan Henderson 

If that is what it will take to earn your undying support, I'll do it. RTeat shit, henderson!

  On Tuesday 28th June 2011,  said:

Dude I already sent them to u at 1234 Uradouche Dr. I'm sure you'll get them. RT since i feel your being sarcastic, go ahead and send them to 588 DanIsAJerk lane

 Chael learned EVERYTHING he knows from Dan!





Dan Henderson 

I'll have a #1. Super size it please. Or have u not started your shift yet? RT lol fedor is gonna destroy u dan

The first post was the best, I know must follow Hendo. How is it that I never knew he was so funny?


Dan Henderson 

What a bummer for -- Werdum is embarrassing all of us. I guess his 15 min are up

Lol this is awesome. Phone Post



Dan Henderson 


I'm a hater of flopping to the guard repeatedly. RT Hater



Dan Henderson 

Grappling today,  is coming up to train w/ me. Although dave herman told me not to even bother. I'm conflicted.

Wow hahaha good find.

I love some Dan Henderson!

Beep! Phone Post

Hendo is a comedic genius.


Awesome Phone Post

HENDO!!!!!!!!! Phone Post

This Hendo, my god Phone Post

Wait till you see pictures of his dong! Phone Post