Dan Henderson pound for pound?

I keep hearing all these people saying how great Anderson Silva is "Pound for Pound". What about Dan Henderson? He won the Middleweight Pride Championship! He gave Quinton Jackson all he could handle in their matchup! Maybe he is the best pound for pound! Not Anderson Silva!


Well, it's going to be hard to argue for Hendo after Silva kicks his ass on Saturday =)

Go Dan. He rules

With a win Saturday Night Dan may just move up to number one P4P; the narrow Rampage loss wasn't devaluing in a P4P sense for Dan - fighting above his natural weight class.

Didn't he lose his last fight at 185 to Misaki? Or was the Belfort fight at 185?


We will see.

If he beats Anderson, especially by early stoppage or by domination I don't see how you could say he's not the p4p best as long as you consider Anderson the p4p best in the world at this point.

If he beats Silva, his style matches up to Silva well, and thats saying more than anyone else can say at 185.

Frank Shamrock = best P4P ever. He heel hooked Hendo into a living death!

its hard not to root for a guy like hendo

Hendo is def up there for his wins at LHW as a small LHW but he has his share of losses and controversial wins. He's also lost at MW to Misaki and many people think he lost in his Pride WW (MW) bout to Busta.

Kondo is also a natural MW whom many thought he lost to (iirc Dan was sick for that fight though).