Dan Henderson -Rings King of Kings

He beats Yvel, Nog, and Babalu all on the same night.


TTT Hendo-mania

It was a great night.

One thing that must be noted however, is that he arguably won BS decisions against both Nog and Babalu.

do you really think he won that fight against mino?

Hendo is the best.

Hendo is one of the best P4P fighterse in the history of the sport.

An inspiration to us all.


the babalu decision was far from BS. the mino fight is a different story. it was even until the overtime round, when mino got mount and kept it for a good chunk of the round. still a good fight, and a hell of a performance overall by dan.

Maybe they respect him for being an elite fighter with endless aggression (post-Rings that is), heart and skill ?



His "win" over Nog was probably the worst decision in the history of the sport.

Yes, yes it was cynic. With the Busta v Hendo result being a close second.

And Dan is one of my faves. Ones of the first truly 21st century fighters on the scene, but he's had his fair share of good decisions...

He's really tough . Especially for his size, all those guys were 1-2 weight classes above his.

Franklin would take him out.

Henderson is a tougher fight than Tanner. Franklin loses IMO. Busta would beat Franklin too as would Horn.

"Franklin would take him out"

His chin is too weak and couldn't handle Hendo's power, He'd get KTFO.

"Henderson is a tougher fight than Tanner. Franklin loses IMO. Busta would beat Franklin too as would Horn."

Agreed. You can also add Paulo Filho and Denis Kang to that list.

lol - clueless

"Based on the RINGS rules at the time, Henderson won each fight. Don't forget, they scored the bouts very differently then MMa in the states."

This is true. Rings rules were that whoever they liked best won the fight, regardless of what happened in the ring.