Dan Henderson stats request

Does anyone know what Dan Henderson's walking around weight is? Also, does anyone know where I can find a list of what weights he's competed at for all of his fights. Tried wikipedia, sherdog, and our very own fighters stats but they don't list what the weights of the fighters was during the bout.

I know he competed at 183/205 in pride and has competed at 185/195/and 205 in the UFC but I'm clueless as to what weight classes he was in in his older fights.

I'm doing a study on how weight cutting effects performance and I picked Hendo since he jumps around a lot in weight.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

When he fought Noguiera in 2002 he was walking around at 193. That's the only fight I'm sure of, though.

Win Rich Franklin Decision (Split) 195
Win Rousimar Palhares Decision (Unanimous) 185
Loss Quinton Jackson Decision (Unanimous) 205
Win Vitor Belfort Decision (Unanimous)
Loss Kazuo Misaki Decision (Unanimous)
Win Kazuo Misaki Decision (Unanimous)
Win Murilo Bustamante Decision
Win Yuki Kondo Decision (Split)
Loss Ricardo Arona Decision (Split)
Win Murilo Rua Decision (Split)
Loss Wanderlei Silva Decision (Unanimous)
Win Renato Sobral Decision (Majority)
Win Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira Decision (Split)
Win Gilbert Yvel Decision (Unanimous)
Win Hiromitsu Kanehara Decision (Majority)
Win Carlos Newton Decision
Win Allan Goes Decision

The top three are the only ones I really know :(
If anyone could help me fill in the rest it would be amazing.

Oh btw I'm only interested in decisions as you can tell.

Decision Dan!

canuck34 - Decision Dan!

Yeah, that's another reason I picked him. 17 of his 32 fights went to a decision.

RainbowPants'd - PS - He's not that hard to get a hold of. Why don't you call Temecula and ask him. It's probably going to be better information that asking a bunch of anonymous jerkoffs to remember something they heard years ago. Team Quest MMA Fitness Centerwww.teamquestmma.com41561 Date StMurrieta, CA 92562, United States(951) 677-1684 PS -Ask for Dan!

Cool I'll try to get in touch with him in a few days; I saw on his twitter he's on a bow hunt right now...hah. Thanks man.

I think the Franklin fight was at 205, not 195.

Dan walks around at 200-204.