Dan Henderson turns 40 (pic)


GIJOEjiujitsu -  fly is unzipped

First thing you notice eh?



Happy birthday, Dan!!

Anyone know how old he is?

 happy bday dan!

Living the dream. Happy Bday Hendo.

in 20+ years, Hendo is gonna look like the "bitter beer face" guy from the old Keystone beer commercials..


still love him though!

I like people with good spirit in situations like this. Henderson isn't too cool to wear a pair of 40 glasses and a 40 tiara.

Happy 40th!!

Happy B-day Dan!

 Hilarious pic! 

(Was this for his wedding anniversary or something?)

lol niiice

face looks 60

body looks 30

Looks like a cross between Elton John, Popeye and Jonbenet Ramsey

Great picture, any word on his next fight? I remember hearing something about babalu Phone Post

Forever young!

 Been subbed a few times but has Dan ever been TKOd? Cant remember off the top of my head.

 Happy Birthday!

Dans fuckin awesome. He does look like hes lost some size in that photo though.