Dan Henderson's MMA full circle career...

As those who know his career and how the fans started calling him "decision"Dan then ironically he starts knocking blocks off and became "H-Bomb"Henderson. Recently he loses two close decisions to Machida and Evans that many feel Dan should have got the win. So now he isn't getting the decisions, he was one of few men to never be knocked out and know Vitor V-Bombs Dan with punches and a kick to the face.

Where is he going with this now in his career after his full circle?

Any predictions?

If what you speak is true, he'll lose a close decision to shogun in March in a fight of the year candidate which could've went either way. Phone Post 3.0

All of Shoguns rematches have ended with his opponent getting KTFO. Doesn't look good for Dan. Phone Post 3.0

Hands of stone

Hollywood Phone Post 3.0

Shogun will easily outstrike Hendo if he just wouldn't stand there and trade, which seems to be his MO. He just needs a good strategy, didn't he even outwrestle Hendo throughout the first fight?