Dan Higgins BJJ Brown Belt

Congratulations to Dan Higgins Integrated Martial Arts head trainer on being awarded his Brown Belt earlier in the week.Dan was proud to be awarded his Brown Belt in BJJ by Powerhouse Gym at Staffords new BJJ instructor Luiz Tannuri. With Luiz and Dan working together with both BJJ and submission wrestling I can see them shaping some more of the best grapplers in the country.

Well done Dan proud of you mate.

congrats - there sure seems to be a few new brown belts lately!

Certainly very deserving of Brown belt status.



Congrats Dan,

From all at PUMMA


Well done!

cool, i thought he was already about a brown anyhoo, congratulations to Danny, well deserved.

Awesome! Congratulations Danny!

Danger! Danger! Danger! He's poised and ready to strike!

Awesome! Congratulations Dan! Very much a brown belt.

Cheers Clay

Congrats Dan, much deserved.

Thanks for your support with R.F.9 in Tooowoomba. Also congratulations on recieving your brown belt (all looks for qld, the levels that everyone is achieving).

Regards Joe
and All The Guys From Toowoomba

Congrats to Dan.