Dan Quinn lates video, everybody needs to see this

Dana White, Joe Rogan, you are murdering the Earth.

hollywood los angeles lol

uhh corny. it would figure he'd have a laptop from Leapfrog


"She's 59 but fine as fuck"


Justinmacd - His 15 minutes were up las year.

No more Quinn.

 Yeah, but he lost if after Ross Cliftons death.

What is he on now?

story97 - "She's 59 but fine as fuck"

I laughed.


"Oh...peace...goddammit...I can go hunting um heads!"

Damn, ever since professor quinn began calling himself Matraya, his material has been off. He needs to go back to challenging studs and showing off his blazing hand speed players

video oooozes crazy

very confusing. dan quinn is still clearly nuts.


 who the fuck is tigger?

I still like his videos!

equivalent of Al Bundy!

he's high as shit in this video.... I know that goofball stoner laugh tooooo well! cause I toke!

he makes bud smokers look bad

 i can't watch any of his nonsense. its unwatchable


This guy is much funnier than any of the SNL cast,they should give him a chance on the show.