Dan Quinn - Who is he? Why? How?

Dan Quinn... I first heard about him a couple years ago. Watched some videos, moved on.

Now, lately, I have been watching a bunch of his videos and I can't help but wonder... who the hell is he!? How did he get so popular? Through the internet? Through his MMA career?

I just don't get it.

The man is a fucking mystery to me.

Is there an article on the history or this man?

He's so bizarre.

He fought Frank Mir for Christ`s sake.

He stopped Ironhead Heyward on fourth and goal on the one yard line.

He is who the Bad Boy logo was designed after home boy.

He can snort Stevia with the best of them playa.


It was the greatest tackle in NCAA football history.. Phone Post

you ever killed a cat and brought it back?

Dan Quinn has, playa...

^"Copious amounts of meth." Straight from Dan's mouth, yaknowhatman.

Saved a cat damn near filled out the eyeballs with tumors

 Cold fission player!!

Just ask Peachie the cat!!

watch your mouths playas!

He's Gollums stunt double...

He would own your short ass in a stand-up gig playa.No shit.  

He's a black man in white skin, fastest hands in mma. Trust and believe. Phone Post

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Dan Quinn's latest interview starts at 98 mins into this show. Dan is confronted by Bobby Wysocki and it goes into more of Dan's background and recent actibity.

Mr. Bob Carson, you've got to STOP interrupting DAN QUINN whilst he's talking, PLAYA!

let the man drop his knowledge please!

 ive not watched his videos for a while he got big after putting a Kimbo call out video on youtube. The night he fought Lapua was epic check that video out he was set up for a beating and won in a good fight. He could of won his last fight against that former UFC fighter who was gassing but Dan didnt see that and gave up.

 the dude is game he will fight anyone for money and do it stoned. the photo when he was younger looked like a beast fighting in golden gloves for feed the homeless player. lou holts molesting kids player

...and you know what? He would snap your head back with a jab as he has the fastest hands of any white boy you have ever seen. No shit.....


 Dan is probably kickin it right now with some Vagos down at Juanita`s playa.  

ACtually, speaking of DQ, anyone know what was his last video to be put out? I feel like DQ fell off a bit as a few years ago he was pumping out vids every few days, now I don't see much from him. What's the deal playa?

No shit.