Dan Severn fights 2day...

Gladiator Challenge is today with the main bout being between old school UFC vets Dan Severn and Cal Worsham. I'll go with Severn by decision. Your pick?

They already fought once in a boxing match but Severn got DQ'd cause he tackled Butterbean when it wasn't going his way. I did hear at some point they were going to fight again (I think MMA) but not sure what the dilly is.

Dan is fighting Eric Esch in February in Ohio

wtf damn this is a throwback to the early ufc days.

Severn and Butterbean were supposed to fight in Ohio 2/25.. both are still on the card, but I think they are fighting different people now..

The Beast all the way

Saw that Severn won as Worsham collapsed in the ring.  Turns out he is okay though.