Dan Severn Seminar

Dan Severn will be doing a seminar in Milton Ontario. Go to http://home.cogeco.ca/~miltonjj/ and check the future events page for the info


Andy! I have been working on my Scott Morris ninja moves. Hi-yah!

The flyer does not work for me!

I might go,never heard of that school

I'd post the flyer but I don't know how.
Pain Milton club has been around for a very long time they are geared towards sport jui jitsu. Kranstz has been in the game for a long time and he is the rep for the World Kubodo Fed. From time to time they hold grappling tourneys gi only, the WKF is recogized federally as a sanctioning body.

Scott Morris??! Who said Scott Morris?? I am the ONLY legitmate Scott Morris groupie on the UG. Look at my name for God's sake!

Dougie, I ask to you please refrain from using Sifu/Sensei/Whatever Morris' name in vain. Thank you. :)

I'd go but to just get an autograph and picture with him. Oh yeah, and also so he can tell me some great Al Snow stories!!!

Dear ScottMorrisRules,

I understand. However, if you ever saw Andy beating the skin off me you'd say, "Wow, guy on the ground looks a lot like Scott Morris."

If someone could post the flyer that would be great.



just to clarify, the WKF has no sanctioning power for grappling tournies. The federal government has no authority for sanctioning, only the provincial government does.

We need political clout.

We need someone to date the provicial premier's daughter.

I say we draw straws.

Does he even have a daughter?

The Mack Daddy has spoken!

Dan Severn was booked to do a seminar at a club I trained at about six years ago he was in Hamilton to fight on a WWF card, the seminar was booked on short notice so we only had about 15 guys there, we all waited in the Dojo for him to show up, he walk in and went right to the office to talk to the owner then he left, it turns out there was not enough of us there,
The seminar was to cost us $30 each the owner said he could keep the full amount, I don't know if there was a set amount or not but he did show up he could of at least came in and showed us some stuff for an hour or at least to say hi and why he was not staying, after that I lost some respect for big Dan and no after that I will not pay to go to a Dan Severn seminar.