Dan Simmler Appreciation Thread

Today, I was at lunch with Dan and he is just the nicest guy around. Well mannered, well spoken, just a all around polite guy.

... and he loves butter, all over his food.

dan is the nicest guy I have ever met at a naga.

I didn't know about the butter, but all else is correct :-)

lol @ the butter.

Dan's an asshole! Nah just kidding, he's a stand up guy and a great friend. Also, he is the grand master pimp.

What's up with Dan? I trained with him at MSA a few times but have not heard anything of him recently.

Dan is definitely a cool guy! Hell, he even ran the "Rocky" steps with me! LOL!

What's up Simmler? :)

Ps. Does "bfhcfh" = Brandon F'n Hughes?

I appreciate him!

Dan was one of my first opponents, first man I went the distance with, now I train with teh bastard. LOL What UP Dan. Where's the pictures of your Maxim Girlfriend you promised.

Dans a cool guy

BzlJJ you know it Brother. Brandon F' Hughes Cowboy From Hell. I used to rock with Pantera back in the day and was inducted to be a Cowboy From Hell. That was my rock n' roll days.

I hope to meet you at Mike's fight. How does Mike look, lean and mean staying away from the frappacino's from Dunkin Donuts.

waszuup rolled w Dan yesterday nice guy good roller


Nice thread, Dan is one of the people I look forward to seeing again during my annual jaunts to the NAGC. He's welcome back in Columbus any time.

He is a cool cat!!!

Thanks for the nice words, this is a very strange post, but when I really think about it, it came from BFH, so its not that strange.

I think you have a new special friend-he started an appreciation thread because you're soooo nice!!

what happened to the Pantalino appreciation threads ?