Dan"The LumberJack" Simmler

who are you trying to hide from with that beard?

Hope he gets in the house. Sick BJJ and the only guy w/ a Boston accent I can tolerate listening to.

Isn't he a Renzo guy?

He's a Serra guy. I used to train with him all the time at Auburn BJJ years ago - and he was sick even back then! Definitely looking forward to watching him.

In the highlights for next weeks episode I'm pretty sure you can see him hitting a flying triangle, but then the same guy is laid out with doctors around him... can't wait to see it either way

Auburn, Alabama?

Auburn Mass

I matched him no gi a few years back and he almost caught me in that triangle....he is very fast with it. I was lucky to escape.

His triangles are pretty crazy. He played soccer and has some pretty ridiculous functional triangle strength in his legs.