Dana "Built like a fighter" White?

Where did the "built like a fighter" tag come from?


that's true, I remember reading it

Lee is correct

A lot of ex-fighters are bald and overweight, so I guess Dana kinda looks like a fighter.

Like a white 50+ years George Foreman??

Dana White is bigger and more intimidating in person than on film.

He is taller than you'd think.
I don't know about bigger.

What you don't think that Dana is BLAF?

Watch you mouth call Dana not BLAF!!!!

I also heard he's HLAH.....

A year ago called and they want this thread back.

Swears like a fighter?

Hung like a Hermitcrab

I'm 5'8"

More like...

"Built like an Accountant"

"That's very special. And how old is little Dougie."

LuciusBeebes - leave my weiner out of this you sicko!

"His correct nickname is Dana 'Iam' White"

No, it is Dana "Fucking" White.

He is not that white... I mean his SUV has spinners and all...

I'm 5'9 and 210 pounds I saw him recently and reckon he is about the same height and about 190ish, he looked fit and healthy, and he was a nice guy.