Dana calls Greg Jackson a sport killer!

and I 100% agree. Like I've said many times, GJ is a weasel.

Go get some fans! What a joke this dude is. Send this guy to sport karate please!

Dana is just mimicking what all the retards on the internet forums he sees say about Jackson. What Greg did is what ANY good coach would do. No matter in how much confidence he has in Jones, it would be a huge mistake to take that risk when he doesn't have to.

Greg Jackson fighters have more "of the night" bonuses than any other camp out there, and have more successful fighters than any other camp out there, which is exactly why he has so many haters. Keep on hatin fools, he's only going to keep being successful.

Well it's never happened in the UFC before. I think that Jones and Jackson are refusing it out of spite from that gay ass twitter war they just had.