Dana: Diaz vs. Lytle =ACTION!

Dana, We would love to see this rematch. They had a split decesion some time ago. They both have improved since then. It's obvious they both will stand up and bang but yet great action on the ground. The winner gets a title shot. Lytle has never been knocked out or submitted in over 40 fights. IMO the fans will love this matchup.
Tony Ross Integrated Fighting

That would be an awesome fight.

Nick already beat Lytle in a smaller show and he beat Lawler who also beat Lytle. Stupid fight for Nick. Nothing to gain.

he should fight karo IMO.

Lytle submitted Spratt in less then a minute same fate for Chad Lavender, submitted Derrik Noble decesioned Laverne Clark, He knocked out Aaron Riley in the first round and 70% of the underground said he beat Lawler. Styles make fights. How many fighters in the UFC have over 40 fights and he needs a few more fights!

Great fight!

"Give Lytle a few more matches and then I think it would be good."

Who would you put Lytle against?

Lytle will go through whomever they choose. Just make the call......

I would like to see it!

I like this rematch but I like Lytle v Karo better .

70% of the UG was mistaken.

Let me see, Lawler back peddled for 2 rounds, got hit with repeated hooks got suplexed, kicked in the face. I will give him credit for the knockdown in the 3rd in the exchange. This is not boxing and should not be scored as such. Who pressed the fight and tried to finish?

lets stop messing around

diaz vs charuto

Outside of a leglock in the first round that wasn't anywhere close to working, how did Lytle try to finish more than Lawler? Granted Lawler looked absolutely terrible running for the entire 2nd round, but moving forward isn't going to win a fight when he was outstruck standing and on the ground for 2 rounds, and knocked down from a punch in the 3rd.

170 is a loaded class. There are many interesting matchups. Their are a couple guys that could move up to 185lb.

Considering my vantage point, Lytle's corner, Lawler seemed to be looking at the clock to make it through the round and Lytle was checking how much time he had left to go for a finish. This is just my opionion. Lawler is a tough kid who will be back. I just want Lytle to start getting the respect he deserves......

I guess we'll just have to disagree. Honestly I wasn't really impressed with either guy in that fight, but Lytle looked a lot better against Tiki, and I look forward to seeing him back.

Tiki is much better then people have given him credit for. This was a tough match for both guys. It was scheduled as a prelim then changed to a swing match. In short you fight whenever. We would warm Lytle up numerous times he would cool down. This is physically and mentally wearing on Chris and I'm guessing on Tiki also. I agree we can agree to disagree.....That's what's it's all about! A side note thanks to our Integrated brother Alex Steibling for helping us out.

I would love NOT to see this fight happen.