Dana drops a Bombshell on BFFs in the UFC...

says Kendall needs to win or will be the first TUF winner not in the UFC,  also does it sounds like saying "Shane Carwin is the real deal with a win" sound the same as "next title shot"?


No matter who wins UFC 96, only Jackson has crack at title

The winner of UFC 96's main event between Quinton "Rampage" Jackson and Keith Jardine should get a light heavyweight title shot — as long as Jackson is the winner.

The prize for winning Saturday night in Columbus, Ohio, is UFC's decision (pay-per-view, 10 ET). President Dana White says Jackson would likely get a chance to reclaim the belt he held if he wins. But if Jardine wins, Lyoto Machida would likely get the next shot.

Jardine doesn't mind. The current champion, Rashad Evans, is a close friend and training partner.

"As far as after I win, me and Rashad we've always talked about that and he's here helping me train right now," Jardine says. "And there's no way that we're going to fight afterwards."


White isn't impressed with that attitude.

"I disagree with that," he says. "And I have said to their face many times. This isn't basketball or football. You're not part of a team. Do you want to be the champ? If Rashad's got that belt, what are you going to do — sit your whole career out and wait for Rashad to retire?

"Their careers are going to cross paths. And when they do, they're going to have to fight."

Jardine is known for powerful leg kicks, which is the same tool Forrest Griffin used to chop down Jackson in taking away the light heavyweight belt. Jackson is an explosive puncher, most recently shown in avenging two losses to Wanderlei Silva with one powerful left hook.

Jackson is getting prime billing on a UFC pay-per-view even though he's not the champion and a crossover celebrity like Chuck Liddell. Jackson drew attention last year after losing to Griffin with a police chase that led to felony and misdemeanor charges. He's not likely to face jail time as long as he completes a sentence imposed with his guilty plea in January, but he curtly refuses to talk about the incident.

"He's a huge star," White says. "He's an exciting, explosive fighter, and people love to watch him. Rampage is hard to deal with in certain areas. But at the end of the day, he's a great fighter, he's got a great personality."

Also on the card, undefeated heavyweight Shane Carwin faces 10-3 Gabriel Gonzaga. Carwin finishes opponents quickly, with no fight lasting longer than 2 minutes, 11 seconds.

"(If) he takes out Gonzaga, he's the real deal," White says.

Deep on the undercard is a fight in which White says the winner stays in the UFC and the loser doesn't. Jason Day faces Kendall Grove, a winner on the third season of The Ultimate Fighter.

"If Kendall loses this fight, he could be the first-ever TUF winner that's no longer in the UFC," White says.

Light heavyweight Matt Hamill, a deaf fighter whose life is being chronicled in a movie due for filming this fall, faces unbeaten Mark Munoz. Welterweight Pete Sell fights Matt Brown, and unbeaten lightweight Gray Maynard meets Jim Miller.

The card coincides with The Arnold Sports Festival, a multisport event promoted by bodybuilder-turned-California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

and here's what Fitch had to say about fighting his BFFs at AKA on another thread...


Would you ever fight Koscheck or Swick if they were champions?

It’s not a fight worth taking. People say we’re friends but even if we are enemies it wouldn’t make sense because of the team aspect. We have a team training mentality here it at AKA. You could do two things in that situatiion. For those two fighting you have to laugh at it and train together the whole camp with the same trainers or remove one of us from the camp. Someone would have to leave. How do you decide who gets to train with who and when? Why tear apart a team. We’ve built something really good at AKA why tear the team apart for one fight. It’s not like it’s a 30 million dollar payday.



 here's some more insight from meltzer...at the end of the article Jardine says he has no problem moving to HeavyWeight if he loses to Rampage...which will be this saturday...


On the same night, Evans finished Griffin to win the championship. The promotion learned its lesson after running more shows than it had major-title main events to headline – that you don’t mess with a big match when it’s handed to you.

In most cases, that wouldn’t be an issue, because if a top contender is matched with another top contender and loses, that opponent can step right into the spot.

But it’s not happening. Jardine vs. Evans is off the table, according to Jardine, who demonstrates a very unique point of view at this stage of his career by being adamant about walking away from a golden ticket.

“After I win, and me and Rashad have always talked about this, he’s helping me train for this fight and there’s no way we’re going to fight after this,” said Jardine, 33. “People ask me this all the time. The people love this sport, but we’re not businessmen. We give the audience what they deserve, but I’m not fighting one of my best friends. It’s not going to happen.”

There are plenty of sets of teammates in this sport who prefer not to fight each other. One of the issues UFC has had in the welterweight division of late is that three of the top contenders, Jon Fitch, Mike Swick and Josh Koscheck, are all from the American Kickboxing Academy and refuse to face each other. But Koscheck noted a few weeks ago that their agreement only stands until one of them wins the title, because at that point the other two will not turn down a title shot.

But Evans and Jardine have been adamant about this for years. There was even a confrontation publicly with Evans and UFC president Dana White when the subject was brought up by reporters. Evans said under no circumstances would he fight Jardine. White, who has gotten people to fight in matches they haven’t really wanted to for years, said that if it was the right match, the UFC would make it and they would fight. Evans shot back that they would not.

The two actually have fought before, when both were cast members of Season 2 of “The Ultimate Fighter” reality show in 2005. Fighting as heavyweights, Jardine lost a decision to Evans in the semifinals. Evans went on to beat Brad Imes and win the show. But the friendship developed once the show ended, when Jardine asked Evans to come to Albuquerque, N.M., with him to train at the Greg Jackson camp.

At the time, Jardine was a solid wrestler who had developed into a good striker. Evans was a strong Division I wrestler who was just developing his stand-up game.

“The thing is, it’s different,” said Jardine. “We got together right out of the show. We shared everything and became best friends. I wasn’t a very good wrestler [Jardine was a very good high school wrestler in California], and he wasn’t a very good striker. We know each other’s families and have been to each other’s homes.”


Send Kendal to the WEC

 and what class would he fight in?

 I love the thread title=)


Kr0ndogg -  and what class would he fight in?

 The mans got a point.

CindyO -  I love the thread title=)


 yeah. i got the idea from the Fitch thread and just happen to come across this article.

i knew you'd like it.

Rashad handles Jardine easily anyway, I dont see why Dana wants that fight to happen (if it ever does)

I am from Maui so I hope Kendall wins because that is going to suck if he isn't in the UFC anymore.

I thought Junie was his BFF

southsidesti - Rashad handles Jardine easily anyway, I dont see why Dana wants that fight to happen (if it ever does)

because Anderson and Machida are BFFs along with Wand. wouldn't you want to see ander vs lyoto, who have said on record that they would not fight each other?

rampage and tito was another one(even though tito is irrelevant now in the UFC) and the whole Shogun and Wand when they were in their prime. he wants to see those fights along with the rest of us. its drama that sells...maybe he's making a precedent with rashad/jardine.

Over77 - Rampage has the worst Leg Kick check in MMA as he shown in the Griffin/Abidi fights, Jardine would chop Rampage down to a TKO or Decision, after that Machida would school Evans to a Decision and be named the next Champ
good point on the Griffin fight...but i'm sure rampage has been working on it...

“I’m glad people think I’ve got no low kick defense,” said Jackson. “I was a kickboxer before I was a boxer. I’ve been working on everything.”


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here's an oldie but goodie on the Dana and Rashad post fight conference jibber jabber. he also clarifies what he said about Rampage when asked if they were to fight...


MMANews.com: Alright, I'm going to shift gears here real quick. I've read a quote from another interview I guess you did recently right before your fight. Actually, I didn't write the quote down but it said, they quoted you as saying you would knock Rampage [Quinton Jackson] out, is that true did you say that?

Rashad Evans: No, I didn't say it quite like that. Somebody asked me "what do you think of Rampage" and I was like Rampage is my man, and I've got a tremendous amount of respect for him, I'm a big fan of his. And they were like "ok, if you had to fight him, what would you do?" and I said I'd have to knock Rampage out.

MMANews.com: Oh ok, so you would have to knock him out [if you fought each other]?

Rashad Evans: Yeah, that's how it was, it wasn't like I was out there talking trash because that's not in me. But if I fight him, I'm gonna try and knock his ass, you know knock him out, shit. You know?

MMANews.com: Now in the quote it sounded like funny to me, didn't sound like something that would come out of your mouth so I wanted to verify it with you.

Rashad Evans: Yeah.

MMANews.com: Alright, back to the fight. At the post-fight presser, there was a couple of rumblings about a conversation between you and Dana [White]. I guess the media asked him something about you and [Keith] Jardine fighting?

Rashad Evans: Uh-huh.

MMANews.com: Could you tell us exactly what was said there?

Rashad Evans: Umm, somebody asked Dana or they said, "Rashad, are you going to fight Keith?" and I said, "no, I'm not fighting Keith" and Dana was like "yeah, you're gonna fight Keith" and I said "I'm not gonna fight Keith", you know? That was basically it. He was telling me we're gonna fight and I was telling him I won't fight him.

MMANews.com:Now what if they actually...I don't know if it was in a joking manner or what with Dana, he's hard to read but let's see he puts the contracts down to you guys - what happens?

Rashad Evans: I don't do it. I don't do it. I don't fight my family, I don't fight people that I train with day in and day out - that I go through trials and tribulations with, you know? I don't do it. There's not enough money that's worth that, you know what I mean? Because you can spend money and everything else but you can't recover that friendship and that love that you lost, you know?

MMANews.com: Now I know some people can fight each other and they can pretty much brush it away like it never happened when it's over. But I can understand where you're coming from because I picture myself fighting my best friend and I just can't see it, you know what I mean? You're not going to give it your all, it's a bad position to be in I can understand that. And I know Keith feels the same way because I actually talked to him about this a little while ago.

Rashad Evans: Yeah.

MMANews.com: Now would you guys actually put your careers on the line, like if he threatened to get rid of you guys if you didn't fight each other?

Rashad Evans: Nah, I don't think he would do something like that. But, no he'll ask for it and people will probably want to see it, but if it came to the point where you're number one and I'm number two or vice-versa, or our paths have to cross for one of us to get a title shot, then I would switch weight classes or just avoid it altogether, you know what I'm saying?

 now i want to see rashad/jardine even more. also to see if Dana's got the pull or money to make it happen.

K-Dub-"T" -  LOL @ BLAF.

Glad these dudes are standing up to him.

He really hates the JJackson camp.




Kr0ndogg -  and what class would he fight in?

He would need to cut to 145.

Kendall won't be the first TUF winner not in the UFC anymore, Lutter was already cut.

This whole 'not fighting my friends' stuff is a load of old cock.

It's a sport, it's a business. Get over it, best man wins.

I can understand and respect this point of view from Evans and Jardine. Even beyond the fight itself, I think that the division that would have to occur within the camp for the many weeks leading up to the fight would be very damaging in the long run.

By the same token, they have to recognize -- more accurately, Jardine has to recognize -- that this could mean passing over what likely would be the biggest payday of his career and be comfortable with that.

 "If Kendall loses this fight, he could be the first-ever TUF winner that's no longer in the UFC," White says.

travis LUTTER