Dana gives Miletich the shaft

While introducing Mikey and his past UFC fights, they seemed to have ignored Mikey's only UFC loss to the original Croation Sensation.

How low.

Maybe it has to do with how bad that fight was.


It's Dana's right to ignore me and the fact that I held the title for them. He is the best thing for the UFC, I hope he remains president of that organization for as long as possible.

              Pat M

the Croation (Pat M) speaks the truth

he knows as long as Dana is president, the company will flourish and as long as the UFC does well, MFS will do well, afterall, they own all the titles

TTT for Pat giving Dana the shaft

Dana acts like he is gods gift to the fightworld. The guy needs to get a grip. Not mentioning that fight because he is mad at pat. He is a weird dude.

Very classy post Pat, good luck on your upcoming fight, and I hope one day Dana can see that you are actually helping mma become more popular than ever.

ISN'T THAT THE FIGHT WHERE miletich holds on to his shorts the whole fight....

I am a huge Mikey fan, but they should have shown that fight IMO. Classy post by Pat.

Maybe it's a little embarrassment on the part of the UFC, robbing Burnett of the win and giving it to Pat when Mikey won the fight.

TTT for the Croatian Sensation

That was pretty childish of Dana, IMO.

I was thinking just the opposite.. why ignore the fact that Mikey was in the inaugrual 170lb title fight and got on the wrong end of one of the more controversial decisions in UFC history.

Irregardless of Militech in that, it would have helped drive home at what level Mikey was at in his prime.

I was also suprised that Dana didnt mention that, considering it was also a fight for a title for Burnett.

Theyve made a big deal of just offering a title fight to Spratt.


Posted on a different thread, but I wonder if this would alleviate much of the revisionist history and other things that currently exist in mma. 

I wonder if this preamble to the legislation would apply to MMA verse for verse?

The Congress makes the following findings:

(1) Professional boxing differs from other major, interstate professional sports industries in the United States in that it operates without any private sector association, league, or centralized industry organization to establish uniform and appropriate business practices and ethical standards. This has led to repeated occurrences of disreputable and coercive business practices in the boxing industry, to the detriment of professional boxers nationwide.

(2) State officials are the proper regulators of professional boxing events, and must protect the welfare of professional boxers and serve the public interest by closely supervising boxing activity in their jurisdiction. State boxing commissions do not currently receive adequate information to determine whether boxers competing in their jurisdiction are being subjected to contract terms and business practices which may violate State regulations, or are onerous and confiscatory.

(3) Promoters who engage in illegal, coercive, or unethical business practices can take advantage of the lack of equitable business standards in the sport by holding boxing events in States with weaker regulatory oversight.

(4) The sanctioning organizations which have proliferated in the boxing industry have not established credible and objective criteria to rate professional boxers, and operate with virtually no industry or public oversight. Their ratings are susceptible to manipulation, have deprived boxers of fair opportunities for advancement, and have undermined public confidence in the integrity of the sport.

(5) Open competition in the professional boxing industry has been significantly interfered with by restrictive and anticompetitive business practices of certain promoters and sanctioning bodies, to the detriment of the athletes and the ticket-buying public. Common practices of promoters and sanctioning organizations represent restraints of interstate trade in the United States.

(6) It is necessary and appropriate to establish national contracting reforms to protect professional boxers and prevent exploitive business practices, and to require enhanced financial disclosures to State athletic commissions to improve the public oversight of the sport.

He's good from a rival's point of view, because no one is better at making enemies than Dana White. Keep up the good work, Dana!

PAT is it true that Zuffa scheduled the Huges fight after your fight with renzo was schedule to cause you not to be in matt's corner

Wow, you guys will dig for any reason at all to hate Dana, wont you? The guy is not a saint, but he could save a bus full of children from certain death and you guys would find some reason to hate his guts.

Dana White is a bitter asshole for snubbing Pat. I'm sure this all to do with IFL. Dana threatened everyone that he'd blackball them if they worked with IFL.


Oh ya, it was a bad fight, but they only had to show about 30sec of it tops, and could have just shown clips of Mikey dropping Pat and taking him down (1 or 2 flash knockdowns and 1 or 2 takedowns were basically all that happened in the whole fight)..

Mikey won much like Severn won vs Shamrock in detroit. Stinky fight but the 30 seconds to 1 minute or so when something happened Mikey was doing it.

If they wanted to be revisionist, they could have just shown a few clips and played up that it was a very close, pick-em decision that just didn't go Mikey's way.

In an earlier episode didn't Dana say that Spratt was the only guy on the show who was ever offered a championship fight?