Dana : Goldy out for a while, don't know when back

In the post fight media scrum Dana was asked about the change in the broadcast team to which he responded

" Goldies's out for a while and I don't know when he'll be back. Next question." He had a smirk on his face when he said it. One of the reporters says "is that it" Dana says "that's it".

Didn't wanna talk about it at all.

Interesting.. Phone Post

He said the same about Chandela! Phone Post

I hope Goldie comes back. I didn't care for the chemistry between anik and joe. Phone Post

It's going to be a surprise... Dana will announce Goldie will be the new commentator for Strikeforce!

Bring in Bas or the voice! Phone Post


Doesn't look good for Goldie! Phone Post

Not an Anik fan but I thought he did a great job tonight with Rogan Phone Post

warez - It's going to be a surprise... Dana will announce Goldie will be the new commentator for Strikeforce!

Lmfao Phone Post

Chandella, goldie, bin laden and tupac are all sippin cocktails on a secret beach in Hawaii right now fo sho Phone Post

I don't know what happened and would very much like to.  The chemistry between Anik and Rogan sucked.  There were way too many awkward pauses and dead air.  Anik didn't pimp anything either.  Goldie pimps like the pimp he is.


I made this thread a long time ago and still mean it.  



Hopefully we find out more about what is going on with Mr. Goldberg.

Joe Rogan and Bas Rutten would be great! Lots of energy between the two. I wonder if Dana has ever considered it. Phone Post

Bas Rutten, that would terrific!

I didn't see DW's response, but hopefully if he really responded with a smirk, that means Goldie's absence isn't health related. Phone Post

Here is an example of the chemistry between Rogan and Rutten on 'Joe Rogans Experience':

http://youtu.be/moN5OqefuBA Phone Post

They are both color commentators..they would not be a good pairing. Plus as much as I love Bas, his announcing has gotten pretty bad

I say go with Florian, Militech, Anik, Quadros, or my nemesis Mauro over him.

If Rogan were to ever leave, then Bas wouldn't be a bad replacement for him Phone Post

Seems health related:



THANK YOU for the WELL WISHES! UFC FANS are AS REAL as IT GETS! Bummed to miss the rematch but health first. Enjoy the fights..HERE WE GO!!!

But it seems sudden.. because on December 15th he was tweeting about being on the show:



Amazing Night!!! Merry Christmas! Blessings to all..see you the 29th..I'm gonna go enjoy my family...

I figured out the cause of his health problems:


Someone must know what's up with Goldie!!!

Must be drugs hence the lack of detail. Dana is protecting him.

Fair play. Phone Post