Dana hate gheys?

Yes Dana.

fukkin faggot bwaaahahaha that was great

Hate is a strong word. A raving "meathead" perhaps, yes.... Never graduated the 13th grade, perhaps.... You could accuse him of more colorful things. But hatred for "fags" as stated, is a fetch. I certainly think the man reserves hatred in that sense for more pressing things than garden variety people of sexual orientation. He was speaking in meathead vernacular, it's how "they" (meatheads) talk. But that's just my assessment of someone I do not know. Dana White sounds like my older brother when he talks in an elevated tone about someone he doesn't like. So what. So f'ing what. There's people being butchered in the third world nations and you're worried about Dana White blathering on and on about something or other and in incredibly poor form and taste? The man gets lambasted for being an idiot, nothing else. Let it go.

anyone know the story on Mickey Avalon kissing BJ at 2:10? Mickey also wears BJs RVCA shirt in the f***in em all video...seems odd..

Here's the thing, probably every openly gay man, at some point in his life, has probably been beaten up by people yelling the word faggot at them. A childhood friend of mine has told me this has happened to him on a couple occasions. The word faggot carries a lot of weight for him. On the other side, I've always thought the word faggot has meant weak, or maybe annoying like South Park pointed out. Nevertheless, it's not how it's intended, it's how it's perceived.

Jeez, didn't expect him to just blare it out like that.