Dana "Houdini" White

I guess we have a new nickname for him now.....if there is a god out there i hope we got blessed with a daily lawsuit Phone Post 3.0

Huh? Please elaborate. Phone Post 3.0

98lbweakling - Huh? Please elaborate. Phone Post 3.0

I think he's referring to Dana's disappearance from the media. And how Houdini was a magician who probably had a disappearing act?

I was thinking Dana douchebag Phone Post 3.0

drjones -

im pretty sure he is metaphorically referring to dana being "punched in the gut" by this lawsuit just like houdini used to let people punch him in the gut on stage...

ultimately this killed houdini, will dana survive? only time will tell...

Man you exactly nailed it Vtfu!!!!!! Phone Post 3.0

Houdini was known to spend his assistant's would-be paychecks on a bunch of snow for his own driveway.

I think this is what OP is getting at. Phone Post 3.0

Madrugadao - Little known fact about Houdini...

He didn't have a clue how any of his tricks worked, he was simply a front man.

Apparently the whole Houdini thing was a mob run scam.
Go on.... Phone Post 3.0

I think the comparison is in reference to how Houdini started to bald in his later years. Dfw is also bald. Both men were also white, and Dana's last name is White. Phone Post 3.0

I want more! !!! Phone Post 3.0