Dana in a D#@k measuring Contest with Tito?

Anyone think Dana had Brock drop to make Tito the draw and to talk shit to him , if he doesnt draw a ton of PPV buys? Or so that Tito doesnt get a huge rip riding off the UFC poster boy Brock??

I cant imagine all that bad blood just washed away!

STFU and go watch TUF! NOOB!

Look it Up - I don't think Dana would sacrifice such a huge PPV just to punk Tito.

It's a lose/lose.  Either the PPV doesn't sell well (UFC loses money), or Tito reaffirms himself as one of the biggest draws in MMA and Dana has to pay him through the roof (UFC loses money).

Yeah, youre prolly right! I highly doubt he would risk that kinda dough over his ego.

Wouldnt suprise me though, that dude is crazy!!